• Joe Lombardi

The Impact of Technology in Construction Due to COVID-19

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked fear and worry for many Americans. Is it possible

that some good could come out of the virus?

Though some may disagree, the answer is yes. As the old saying goes, “The only way to

go from here is up.” With that, many industries, including the construction industry, are

going to thrive after reopening.

In order to successfully accomplish this, one will need the LCPtracker. The LCPtracker,

which is being created by Daily Reporter Mobile, will revolutionize the construction

industry forever. With no human contact needed, it is essential to have on a site during

the reopening of projects.

Here are a few ways that the construction industry will be able to find its footing again

with the special help of one new electronic tool.

Graduating to a More “Contactless” Approach

How can one “social distance” while on the job? Frankly, there is no answer here. The

only answer is that workers are going to have to try their best. Though difficult, there are

incoming implementations into the industry that will make certain aspects contactless.

As stated, Daily Reporter Mobile is creating a new LCPtracker module that enables

workers to collect worker hours electronically while they are at the site, along with daily

activities. Hardcopies of daily logs won't be necessary with the LCPtracker taking its

place. says that, “Daily Reporter Mobile automatically cross-

checks worker hours collected on the field with the data reported on certified payroll

reports (CPRs), eliminating the tedious component of manual verification and ensuring

a higher level of accuracy.” This is helpful not only because of the electronic approach,

but also because of the elimination of human error in terms of manual verification. Look

for the LCPtracker to enter the industry soon as projects open up more frequently.

Revolutionizing Construction Site Compliance

Typically, a human checker stands at the beginning of the site, checking to ensure that

the people entering and exiting the site are allowed to be there. Due to social distance

guidelines, there needs to be another alternative. LCPtracker is developing technology

that would make construction sites supervised electronically. The technology will have a

way to verify a worker and create a timestamp of when they enter and exit. This will

most likely be done through a card or a bluetooth service on the site.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

It seems like the LCPtracker is here to stay, as it offers plenty of positives. As says, “Most agencies already use some type of electronic system

to manage compliance on their projects. So for contractors, it’s more important than

ever to not only adopt these solutions, but to excel at its use. Mastering these

technologies (and having the credentials to prove it) gives contractors an advantage

when bidding on a project, especially during this time of high competition.” It seems

apparent that the LCPtracker has many effective uses and can be turned into a

revolutionary technology in just a matter of time. It allows workers to get ahead of the

curve, excel at the technology, and look for new projects for the future. LCPtracker

Academy will even offer contractors new credentials with the technology along with the

basics of how to use it in order for maximum effectiveness.

Though the LCPtracker is not the only piece of technology that has been created to aid

construction workers during this time, it does seem to be the most versatile and useful.

It will ensure workers their safety at these sites and to go about their jobs peacefully.

Ultimately, workers can feel more prepared and comfortable when they go to their work



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